Robb Hansen 

Robb Hansen is the president of Next Level Insights. Robb has extensive executive leadership experience in non profit organizations and this fuels a desire for excellence in operations and a heart for partnership. His aim is to make organizations effective, and to take them "to the next level." Check out Robb's relevant experience in previous positions.  [Read More...]  

Donna Berg

The ability to communicate with clarity is of pivotal importance on any communication project. Donna's extensive experience with corporate and nonprofit editing makes her ideally suited to assist any writing project, from brief articles to book-length manuscripts.

Tyler Hansen

Every organization can use effective database management. Tyler has developed an expertise in pulling together customized solutions that help people do their jobs efficiently. He's also skilled in making audio resources easily accessible on the web. Althouigh he is the boss's son, he brings important everyday help to the team! Every office needs someone who can figure out how to make the computers talk to each other. Tyler's the man.

Steve Hiller
With an extensive background in radio production and on-air experience, Steve brings an excellent skill set to the NLI team. As a DJ he has developed skills behind the microphone. As an audio engineer he knows what it takes to get an audio project to the finish line. Steve's focus for NLI is on projects related to radio advertising, daily Christian radio spots and programs, talking books, and every other conceivable audio technology. 

Barb Spahr
You write it and Barb will check it! She's one of our wordsmiths, making what people want to say sound right and be right. Barb's never met a spelling error she liked! We checked this paragraph five times to make sure there were no mistakes. Did we get it right? Hope so.

Mary Jo Williams 
One area of specialization for NLI is financial management, donor receipting, acknowledgment, and data management. Mary Jo handles client projects in these areas and serves as office manager as well, keeping everyone else on track.





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