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Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer Fund Raising Strategies
Don't Just Vacation

by Robb Hansen

Summer is just around the corner (at least here in the northern hemisphere!) and with it comes a fresh mindset about time useage and priorities. Donors are thinking differently and fund raisers need to adjust accordingly.

With lighter schedules, the summer is often an opportunity to engage those interested in your organziation in a whole new way. Do you have short term projects that supporters can help you with? Now is the time to ask for their assistance. And I don't just mean money! Maybe you could use some help with planning for next year, or organizing the office. Think outside the box.

Or maybe it's time to think about a special summer event with a fresh feel to it. Perhaps an evening dinner cruise is in order. What about a barbecue? The temptation is to "take the summer off" but in reality you may be able to connect more effectively than ever with donors.

We want to suggest a two pronged approach. For major donors, make a list of key friends of your organization and schedule some informal opportunities to meet with them. Prepare a brief (remember, brief) presentation with charts and images which spell out the successes of the past year, and gather donros in smaller groups to tell your story afresh to them.

For the larger portion of your donor base, why not suggest a movie, book, or activity that will draw them in and further educate them about why your organization's mission is important. For example, if your work is with the homeless, identify a meaningful book about the topic. Invite donors to join you in reading it (consider selling it), and then plan to blog about your own impressions on your website and via social media. Invite donors to engage with you and share their own insights.


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